Trying to Conceive

12dpo/cd25: When Is Too Early?

It has been awhile since I’ve updated you guys on my ttc journey. Well nothing crazy has happened. Basically, just a lot of cramps and bloating. So far, none have brought any fruits of conceiving, like a positive pregnancy test.

I tested today (and the last 3 days out of my own desire to torture myself) because my fertile app (Ovia) said I should. Today makes me exactly 12dpo, if I got my ovulation date right. 12dpo is ideally when the fertilized egg has embedded into the uterine lining and has started to produce HCG which can be detected on a hpt (home pregnancy test). Remember I said ideally. I’ve read tons of forums about how women got a negative on 12dpo and had to wait until 16-20dpo to get a positive test. That being said, I am 5 days way from AF if my cycle is regular (thanks to Vitex) and I will test again then.

You might be asking why even bother, well one it is because of the explanation above ↑ and it is because I have had super weird symptoms lately. The main “out of the ordinary symptoms” I have experienced are pinching, pulling, pressure, and sharp cramps near my left ovary and my uterus (a little bit above and behind my pubic bone). I am hoping there is nothing terribly wronging with me and that it is all normal, but I guess we shall see.

I am super grateful that the lesson I learn in my post “Priesthood, Prayer, & a Lesson” has stuck. I haven’t been devastated when I see a negative hpt and I have a calm feeling that my time will come.

Well, animals, I am also sick with a cold and sore throat. So sad, because this is only the second week of school and I begin a mini student teaching type deal on Tuesday at one of the local elementary schools. I am super excited, but I don’t want to get the kiddos sick either. That would absolutely terrible! So, I gotta rest up (and binge watch The Walking Dead)!



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