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Priesthood, Prayer, & a Lesson

After a night of not really sleeping I woke up with my husband at 5am and decided to test.

The result….


Luckily, I wasn’t super sad about the result. In fact, I was super calm! I am going to give the credit for my calmness to the Lord. Last night, I prayed a lot by myself and with my husband. My husband also gave me a Priesthood Blessing and that helped me to say to Heavenly Father, “Thy will be done.” It was so refreshing to just let all of my anxiety go and let God be God. I still didn’t sleep very well, but that might have been from taking a nap later in the afternoon. But I was calm all throughout the testing and waiting. Even after we got our negative I prayed and thanked God for helping me to learn to rely on Him and accept His will.

I am so grateful for a husband that is always ready and worthy when I need him to give me a blessing. I have found that blessings are great for comfort, healing, and, also, to help me to remember that I can’t make Heavenly Father do as I pray for Him to do. It reminds me that He truly knows what is best for me and knows my every desire. It reminds me that God has perfect timing in all of His doings, because he knows the past, present, and the future. Though I try to prepare for the future I am not a seer or a prophet. However, I am a child of God. And this God has established ways to communicate with me through personal and family prayer, scriptures, whispering of the Holy Ghost, a present day prophet, and the Priesthood which my husband holds.

I believe in modern-day and personal revelation. I believe God talks to each of His children in his/her own tongue and in a personal a unique way. I believe in the Priesthood and its ability to bless the human family, the entire world. I am grateful for commandments that help keep us close to the Lord, especially during trials of spirit and body.

I am so grateful for this knowledge and this experience I have went through this last few weeks. I am grateful that my heart was soft enough to realize all these things. And… I am so grateful that I have a means to share my faith and feelings with all of you.

God bless and baby dust. 🙂


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