Trying to Conceive

CD 12: Positive..?

The last couple of days I have been taking ovulation test (Easy@Home brand). They have been getting progressively darker! So exciting!!!! My ovulation app has been going crazy and keeps changing my fertility score, but it has continued to say I am in my “fertile window” (Hello!).

Today, I took a test around 9:30am and this is what I got…

IMG_2232 (2)
9:30am ovulation test result

The test line looks a TINY bit lighter than the control line (darkest line). None of my test have ever been this dark before! It is so surreal. It could really happen…!

I decided to test again this evening at 7:30pm… And…

IMG_2233 (3)
7:30pm ovulation test result

For this particular test the control and the test line aren’t as dark as the one earlier today, but I am still going to consider this a good test.

I am going to keep testing and see if any future test are equal to or darker than the first one today. Fingers crossed! I definitely have to say these awesome test results are from Vitex and Metformin. Wouldn’t it be awesome (but also unlikely) if I got pregnant this cycle after trying for a little more than a month..?

A girl can dream, right?


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