Trying to Conceive

CD8: Things are changing

First things first, I am working on another blog with They came across my blog posts on faith and really enjoyed! Enough for them to contact me and ask me to blog on their website. Super unexpected and super cool! So, there will probably be more faith focused blog post in the near future and special blog post about faith on the MyTrendingStories page (there may be some duplicates but I’ll try to refrain from that), feel free to check it out! However, I am also going to try to regularly post about our TTC journey and I am working on a recipes section as well! But forgive me if my TTC post are fewer. I am thinking about just posting when something really good or kinda of poopie happens. Or if I learn something that can help other women who are TTC. The recipe posts will probably be uploaded every 2 to 3 weeks. Most likely every 2 weeks because it is easier to remember than 3 weeks… But anyways… Those are the changes that will be happening.

In other news, I had cramps on the right side of my abdomen/pelvic area which I am hoping to be a sign of the beginnings of ovulation! Woohoo! But there is no way to know for sure until I start testing with my ovulation test stripes, that won’t be happening for another 4 days (gotta save those stripes!). Other than that nothing too crazy has happened.

I did want to share about a website I have been using to get any PCOS related questions answered. I might have brought it up before…. It is called Soul Cysters (funny, huh?). There are tons of ladies that are full of knowledge and can answer any questions. It is forum based so you can ask all your unique questions and usually someone has some type of answer. They have tons of categories to look through as well such as dieting/exercise, medications, infertility/ttc advice, hair loss/growth (a super unfortunate symptom of PCOS), a place for pregnant cysters, and a ton more! It is a great community and I highly recommend checking out the website if you are feeling alone or just need some answers from real women.

Anyways, dinner is on the oven and calling me to come stir it, so I gotta run!

Check ya later, animals!


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