Trying to Conceive

CD 6: Vitex Update & Cleanliness

Today is CD 6 and everything seems to be working normally. Yesterday was the last day of Aunt Flo, which surprised me because I thought this period would last for a week (7 days) or so. I am definitely not complaining though because having a period not on birth control was a new adventure.

It has been a while since I’ve had a cycle naturally and I forgot what real cramps, bloating, and mood swings were like. My poor husband has never experienced that with me before either, so we learned a lot of lessons (such as not taking me on a 4 hour road trip & making me pack up a house). Needless to say, there was one particular day I was… unpleasant. Sorry, honey! 😦

I am going to give Vitex the credit for this period, so you can argue if that it is a natural cycle or not. Regardless, it got the job done and got it done quickly. However, I did find out some things about Vitex & I.

The first two side effects I encountered was headaches & neck-aches. They were pretty miserable. I felt like I had a hole on the left side of my forehead and just ached constantly. The neck-aches were pretty annoying, too. It felt like there was a great deal of pressure on the back left side of my neck, right where my hair-line stops. I found that Midol and yoga (for headaches) helped with these side effects.

The third side effect was insomnia. I was having a really hard time falling asleep at night, but oddly enough I could nap during the day. This side effect may or may not be from the Vitex, rather my own poor sleeping habits, but just in case I am going to list it. Bedtime yoga helped a little with this and my husband giving me a back and neck massage helped tremendously.

I was contemplating stopping Vitex because of these side effects, but another thought occurred to me. Instead of taking 2 pills in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast (which some people say is the best way to take it), I would take 1 pill in the morning with breakfast and 1 pill in the afternoon with lunch. I’ve done this for 2 days now (I think) and I haven’t had any headaches or neck pain. Yesterday I napped a lot longer than I intended to so it was a little hard for me to go to sleep last night. Hopefully tonight it will be a different story. #nonapforCourtney 😦

In other news, not related to Aunt Flo and TTC. I woke up today feeling totally motivated to get stuff done! I did some morning yoga (Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is my favorite), made some breakfast and ate it while I was cleaning our apartment. I felt that it was time for a good cleaning because the Fall semester of school will be starting in 2 weeks and I want things to be super clean and organized before things get crazy.

I love cleaning. It is probably a weird thing to love to do, but oh well. Nothing is better to me than vacuuming my living room and bedroom (only places with carpet, plus our apartment is super tiny) and finding my vacuum canister full of dirt and other yuckies. To me that is true success.

But I think the best part about cleaning is when my husband comes home and comments on how clean our home is and he appreciates my hard work to keep it that way. So much pride and peace comes with a clean home. I’ve also found that my relationship with my husband is better when our home is clean. There is no stress about a mess that needs to be cleaned up or stuff out-of-place. We can just truly enjoy one another company and relax together when everything is in order.

Trust me, our house isn’t perfect and spotless. We have our clutter, but when counters are clean and floors are free of crumbs and dirt, things just feel… Better.

Also, just an update from the last post… My husband did get me chocolate covered doughnut holes, so no need to worry any longer!

Until next time, ya filthy animals! 😉


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