Trying to Conceive


Okay guys, the blood test are in. Everything, thyriod, prolactin, estrogen, FSH, and whatever else is NORMAL! So, the question to why I haven’t had a period and why my boobs are leaking is still unknown… This is so odd.

My doctor wants me to take a hpt (home pregnancy test), but I am so nervous. I keep expecting to see Aunt Flo when I go to the bathroom but nothin’, nada, zilch. Just a lot of cervical mucus (cm), that I guess is type III: school glue…? According to my period and ovulation tracker app (Ovia. Super easy to use, fun, and addicting), that is a good sign if I am hoping to get pregnant. Which I am! But, like, really? Could it be happening already?

I have been having other symptoms because leaky boobs and no period. I have been having major food aversions, I barely have an appetite but I think it might be from the Metformin… I’m thirsty (still) all the dang time. I’ve been sleeping a lot during the day, but not very well at night. Which doesn’t make any sense because my job isn’t even hard, I clean the elderly people’s houses and only 1 house a day. I’ve been having cramps off and on. A lot of cm. I have also noticed that I’ve had a stuffy nose for a while, that is a debatable pregnancy symptom. My husband says I am really warm all the time, but I feel cold. I’ve giving up taking my BBT because I’m restless when I sleep that I feel like my temp is high because of all the moving. And I’ve noticed that I have so much saliva (ew), when I talk I feel like I’m giving people a shower. So embarrassing.

Ugh, I just don’t know what to think…. 😦 Could I be causing these symptoms? Well, I can’t cause blue veins to show up on my chest and I am definitely not trying to lactate or anything like that.

I want to be pregnant so bad, but I feel like I shouldn’t be because we just started trying…

Regardless, my dear husband is going to take me to Walmart to get an additional pregnancy test to take tomorrow morning along with my internet cheapies. This will sound ridiculous, but I wish he didn’t have to work so he could hold my free hand while I pee on that stick… As gross and awkward as that sounds…

Oh by the way! I think the Metformin is doing wonders for the acne on my face! I’ve had stubborn acne on my chin for the last couple of years and it is basically gone now! How awesome is that? I’ve only been on Metformin for a week or so.

Well I gotta go. Time to get the pee stick. I wish I was more excited than nervous and apprehensive. 😦

Adios, animals!!


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