Trying to Conceive

Provera Update

So… Tomorrow will mark 10 days since my last dose of Provera. No period at all (so depressing). I know some people say to wait two weeks, but I felt I needed to call my doctor anyways. He was super surprised that I haven’t started and asked me to come in for blood work. After explaining my symptoms he ordered lab work. He said he was going to test my estrogen level, FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone), prolactin, and I think LH. I should be getting some test results tomorrow and then some more on Monday. Be ready for more updates tomorrow!

You are probably wondering about the symptoms I’ve been experiencing. Well, the most annoying one are the girls. My boobs are gigantic, super sore to the slightest touch, my nipples are sore and have been leaking a tiny might of clear to yellow fluid, headaches, nausea (which makes me wish I could make myself throw up), food aversions, some food cravings (mainly peanut butter and honey), back pain, cramps (not exactly like menstrual cramps though…), super vivid dreams, and acne. Another symptom that I am not sure is from the Provera or what is increased thirst. I am just so thirsty all the time! These symptoms are driving me crazy, especially because these are all normal pregnancy symptoms as well! What a cruel joke this medicine has been playing on my body. 😦

A word of advise if you are going to start taking this medicine. DO NOT SYMPTOM SPOT OR GO TO DR. GOOGLE! Or if you do then do it in moderation. I’ve been doing it like crazy getting my hopes up super high that I could be miraculously pregnant from Provera, because it happens, and then in the dumps because all the pregnancy test I’ve taken are negative.

Anyways… Rant about Provera and the internet over…

My doctor gave me 2 samples of extended release Metformin. I guess in hopes it will make me have a period…? I am not at all excited. I’ve been on Metformin before and I had terrible digestive problems with it and, honestly, I can’t remember if it actually helped me with regulating my cycle or not. Probably because I spent most of my time taking it on the toilet….

But I’ve read some success stories about Metformin and taking it with Vitex or chasteberry pills. So, I guess it won’t hurt to try the two.

I actually ordered the Vitex on a whim last week. I have been waiting to take it until my period starts (cycle day 1), but that hasn’t happened so I am trying to figure out when I should take. Should I take it starting now with my Metformin or should I still wait for a period and then take it? Ah! So many questions and not enough answers. 😦

Something that I forgot to mention in my last post about ttc was my prenatal vitamins! This is one subject that makes me happy. I am taking Vitafusion Prenatal Gummies and let me tell you… These little things are the best! They come in two flavors in the bottle: lemonade and raspberry lemonade. They taste so good! I crave them all day long. They have Omega 3s in it but without the fishy taste. Plus, they have all of the recommended vitamins and vitamin dosages for optimal baby carrying abilities! Okay well, I’m not sure about that last part about baby carrying abilities, but it sounded really good! Oh yea, none of my reviews are sponsored or whatever it is called. They are 100% my unwanted opinion.

That’s my latest update. There will probably be another tomorrow, so stay tuned. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and leave any comments about your experience with ttc, pcos, provera, or vitex!

See later ya later, animals!


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