Trying to Conceive

The P.O.P: Provera & Ovulation Prep

Okay guys, yesterday was my last night of Provera! Yay! But, also boo (I will explain why later).

For those of you that don’t know what Provera is I will explain as best I can. Provera is a pill that doctors prescribe to women who don’t have a regular period or completely lack a period. It is a synthetic hormone (progesterone to be exact) and usually prescribed for 5-10 day use. I was directed to take a 10 mg dose of Provera for 10 days. After the 10 days are up then “withdrawal bleeding” or a “Provera period” will occur, this could happen 1-10 days after the last pill and last for a week (or two, but that is rare from what I have read). Some women have great luck with Provera. For instance, some women can take one “cycle” (5-10 days of Provera) and get their “Provera period” then have regular periods right away! Others have to take a “cycle” of Provera each month in order to have a period. (*Provera is not a form of birth control.*) In short, Provera induces a period. It is debated that Provera can regulate or induce ovulation, there is no scientific backing to that and the sole purpose Provera is marketed is for menstruation. However, some women experience ovulation during (super rare) or after a cycle of Provera. Some argue that progesterone is a key hormone in ovulation, but I am a not Anatomy and Phys major so I can’t give a yes or no answer. I have found that a lot of women are prescribed Provera AND Clomid (this drug actually induces ovulation) if they are having a hard time to conceive. There are a few stories I’ve read about women not needing Clomid only Provera, so results definitely vary.

Now that you have some info on Provera I am going to talk about my experience on this pill.

I was prescribed Provera because I didn’t have a period while on birth control pills. Instead I had 14 days of extremely light spotting, talk about weird and annoying *insert eye roll*. So, that was the beginning of my Provera journey. Throughout this stroll in the Provera park I encountered somethings. Headaches, nausea, back pain, feeling tired/weak, and A LOT of crying. Now before you run for the Provera free hills, the symptoms weren’t entirely that bad. Imagine your average PMS symptoms, maybe a little more crying than normal though. It is manageable! My symptoms seemed to be the most common for most Provera users, but there was a few women that experienced throwing up and tender breast. Those cases were rare though. I also think maybe my symptoms were a little more potent because I was taking estrogen birth control and then I stopped to take Provera (and I’m never going back!!!!!!!!!!). My body might have been/still is getting used to its natural hormones and such. So, results may vary.

The next step is for the “Provera period” to come forth. Now here is where to be scared and run. I’ve read that “Provera periods” are the worst ever. Terrible cramps, heavy flow, tender boobs, headaches, and bad back pain seem to be the most popular symptoms to complain about (and for good reason!). This could last for as long as 2 weeks (so I’ve read). Talk about scary! But, I guess the agonizing hell that seems to be lurking in front of me will be worth it if it helps me to bring one of God’s precious bundles of joy in the world! Plus, there are plenty of women that go back to using Provera when they want to conceive again, so it can’t be that bad. Right?

Even though this scary period is ahead of me it is also exciting! Because once this monster starts then I can begin tracking my Basal Body Temperature! The BBT is a “natural family planning” tool. By recording my temperature every morning, starting on the first day of my period (Cycle Day 1), ideally I will be able to pinpoint when I am going to/will be ovulating. For course, this is assuming that I can ovulate on my own, with PCOS that can be rare or non-existent. In addition to tracking my temperature (also, called “temping” for the newbies like me) if I see a spike in my temperature then I am going to follow-up with ovulation test stripes (OPK or OPT for shorthand). As I was typing this my test stripes came in to my door, so I will share with you what I will be using. I ordered Easy @ Home Ovulation Test Kit from Amazon. Included in the kit is 50 ovulation test stripes and 20 pregnancy test stripes! It was about $35 and I think that included shipping. My dear friend Jenny found them for me, plus we read great reviews about these tests and they were a great price for how many are in the box, so it was a win-win!

Hopefully, with these two tools I’ll be able to figure out if and when I ovulate, so this baby making business can get on the road. I will keep you all updated about when the “Provera period” starts and my tracking of my BBT within the next week or so. The review and update for the Easy @ Home Ovulation Test Kit will be up after the “Provera period” is over and I notice a spike in my temperature.

If you have had any experience with Provera, tracking your BBT, or the Easy @ Home Ovulation Test Kit, please, share your experience/words of wisdom!

Love ya, ya filthy animals!



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